Blitz Energy Services

1004 N Big Spring St, Suite 605

Midland, Tx 79701


Phone: 432-219 6172

Fax: 432-653-2088




Blitz Energy Services 

8 Dollar Bill Ln

Boulder, Wyoming 82923


Phone: 307-367-2322

Fax: 307-367-4499


We specialize in:


- Pipeline construction, Rehabilitation,        and Testing

- Pipeline Coating

- Pipeline Removal

- Compressor Installations

- ROW Restoration and Reclamation

- Demolition

- Fabrication

- Gathering Systems


- Compressor Stations

- Pump Stations

- Meter Stations

- Gas plants

- Transfer and fuel loading facilities

- CNG facilities

- Tank Batteries

- Modern pipe fabrication equipment        and methods

- Oil and Water storage facilities 

- Pressure Testing

- Painting


Our experienced management and crews perform a multitude of services, including but not limited to; complete midstream construction services, CNG facilities, pipelines, field fabrication, and oil and water facilities.​



Blitz Energy Services is committed to the safety of its employees and client assets; a safe efficient environment is beneficial for everyone. Which is why Blitz requires daily safety meetings, daily JSA’s and has implemented a behavioral based safety program. Being proactive, versus reactive, and encourage employee communication to its senior management team is part of our core training.


Annual safety workshops and comprehensive core safety training including: first aid, CPR, DD, and hazard awareness training programs to mention a few. All new employees and job transfer employees must go through a short service employee program to ensure not only their safety but the safety of fellow employees, client personnel, client assets and the environment.


Our dedicated certified safety professionals continually provide training to educate and bring awareness to potentially unsafe behaviors and reinforce safety certified procedures. Blitz Energy Services also reaches out to other certified safety resources for additional safety training for its employees to insure the highest level of safety training and execution.


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